• I just write ''To whom this may concern.'' I'm not polite enough to use Mr or Mrs. Could be worse though, I've often thought of putting ''to whomever this may concern''. XD
  • You don't know if they are Mr, Mrs or Ms? And this is a company you work for.
  • Yes, formal means using formal verbiage in all cases, and that also means to address them formally. Mr. is an obvious choice if it's a man. When dealing with a woman, it's a little more difficult for obvious reasons. Naturally if you know she's married, using Mrs. is reasonably safe but I would steer clear of Miss if single. I would use Ms. in that case - also if she's divorced. She may also prefer Ms. if she's married to keep her "married" identity separate from her professional - so try to find out first how SHE signs it if at all possible.
  • I agree, just use their names.
  • This is part of my job that I've done for years. This is what it should look like: Mr. John Jones Chief Executive Officer Jones Technology Corp. 1234 Elm Street, Suite 455 Anywhere, California 00000 Dear Mr. Jones: That is how you address a formal business letter. If its a woman: Ms. Jane Jones, President Jones Technology Corp. Dear Ms. Jones: I don't know how it appears when you read it on your screen nut the inside address is 5 lines. His title is the second line snd the company name is the third line. When the title is short it goes on the same line as the name separated by a comma.

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