• Three people founded and the store is named after their intials, Thomlinson, Gosselin and Young.
  • It was indeed the three last names of it's founders, Thomlinson, Gosselin & Young, otherwise known to it's loyal employees as "toys, guns, and yo-yo's". They carried all three. The smaller variety stores did not carry guns, but the larger family center stores did. We would have to take them in and out of a locked area in the stockroom every day. I worked for the company for 6 1/2 years, starting as a cashier and eventually as a co-manager over wearables in a family center store. The training that I received while working for the T G & Y Stores Co. was intense and a firm foundation from which my career in retail sprang. I will always be appreciative of the opportunities afforded me while an employee of this company.
  • If I remember right, it was actually a merger of individual stores owned by the three. One, I believe Young, was from Kingfisher. Same town where Sam Walton was born. I remember a Gosselin's in Clinton before it became a TG&Y

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