• Not necessarily. I say that to my superiors, with whom I have respect. I suppose it depends on the situation. I suppose for me it more means "don't get mad, but I disagree".
  • Yes, of course. It's like "don't let me influence your decision." (Smile.) Actually I am a lawyer and I (unfortunately) use this phrase too many times every day. It means (drum roll) nothing. For lawyers it is ceremonial and just fills the air between you and the judge while you are deciding what you REALLY want to say.
  • Not really... They may not, but usually something's coming that you will disagree with, and they are giving you fair warning. They COULD respect you... OR, they could fear that you could fire them or get them fired. Or, they COULD just not want you to beat the crap out them! ;-)
  • It means he or she knows how to be polite. Whether he or she is really nice deep down or not,.... that's another story. ;)
  • I guess it all depends on how much respect you're due.
  • It's a pointless term.
  • It means nothing..It is simply a part of speech to indicate an opposing viewpoint is on its way...much the same way as.."nice weather we're having" is just 'hello'--it really has nothing to do with the weather.
  • sounds like it

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