• I had to be less than 5, since I could already read before I started school. [I got in at age 5 due to my town's birthday rules.] In fact, now that I think of it, I read the class a story back in nursery school, only stumbling on the word "schedule." So maybe earlier. There's a long humorous story associated with being able to read that I won't bore you with here. But suffice it to say, "early reader." :o)
  • I think around five or six!
  • about five when I started school
  • I started reading at a very young age. 3-4 I think. My brother used to take time out to teach me every day. Was quite advanced by the time I started school.
  • My brother is a year and a half older than I am, he had just started kindergarten and I was reading his books. So I must have been around three. How old are people when they start kindergarten?
  • I didn't learn until I went to Kindergarten, when I was just turning 5. I still remember the letter books we had and the great stories in them about Doll and Tig and company. My daughter, however, is 4 and learning quite rapidly. I don't see any reason to pressure her to do it faster, so she's just learning by absorbing it... but she knows all the letters and all their sounds, how to put them together, and some words just on sight. This morning, I was lying in bed reading and she came, borrowed my Dr's appointment card, designated it a "library card" and "took out" a book and went and read it in her room, telling me she was pretending to read it to the baby (which is due in 10 weeks now!)
  • I could read by the age of three, I know that because my Grandfather taught me . I am not exactly sure how long before.
  • About 4. I could read (some) in kindergarten and I was 4 for the first month of kindergarten.
  • "Look, Look!" "See Spot run!" I was five when I read this.
  • about 4 or 5. I love reading. I love seeing that my son can read, and he enjoys it. I find it sad that my 14 year old brother still struggles with reading, my son reads better than him. If i lived closer to him and had a relationship with him i would have tried harder to help him.

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