• If you can, go and find a patch of grass and lie down on it, face down, in the 'star' position (arms and legs outward, palms against the earth). Rest the side of your face against the earth so that you can feel the grass tickling your ear. Close your eyes and let the worries and anxiety drain out of your body and into the earth. Stay that way until you are sure that all of the negativity has been absorbed by the earth. (If you can't get to a patch of grass, a rug or carpet in a room by yourself will do). Have a read of this site: it may help. Sending you love and serenity : )
  • Walk out of your house. Find a wide open space. Look up. Realize that in this universe, in this galaxy, on this planet, you are a tiny, tiny, speck. You are a nanosecond in the first breath of the world. are also part of the flow, part of the current, and small voice that comprises the harmony of the universe. We sometimes think our problems, trials and tribulations are so large, but if we compare them to the scope of everything around us, we see that they're really very small. There's no such thing as a problem without a gift. Work through the problem and find the gift, the lesson. Good luck.

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