• I thought ebay took care of that !
  • No, I bought a cracked fake iphone (meaning a duplicate) from a chinese company for like $140 :D. I'm waiting for it to get here. Got the link from an email.
  • You get them from China? I get them from Russia. And there is a gal named Olga who seems to have a real fixation on me and my sexual prowess. She says she can help me a great deal. I am sure Olga is a very nice girl, but she is very presumptuous. I don't really need her help. (wink)
  • It's even worse when you hear from someone who doesn't trust his bank, so he wants to send you a money order for twice the amount you are asking, and you can just send him a check for the difference. What? His money order will bounce???NO!, What? he will copy my bank number off the check I sent him and clean out my bank account???? He can't do that, it's against the law!!

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