• G'day CeCe, Thank you for your question. You might want to talk with a sexual therapist to see what causes it. It must be very frustrating. Regards
  • I have had this problem too. Not sure what to do. Any luck?
  • i just posted a question exactly like this..i have no idea why this happens but it is very frustrating! This same thing happens to me every few months and it will last for a few weeks then i will be able to orgasim evrytime we have sex for awhile then back to the frustration..its a vicious cycle!! let me know if you have any luck figuring this out and i will do the same..
  • Perhaps if you were all to meet......
  • Maybe you are concentrating too much on reaching orgasm. Next time, when you're almost there, why not try imagining some sexual fantasy that you've always had? That always helps me hit climax. :)

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