• I do. It depends on what you are looking for here... are you looking for someone to explain to you how to do the tricks? are you just curious to know what tricks others can do? are you looking for a video of tricks? If you need a video you can specify and we will get you a video! Anyway on to business. I will answer it according to the question: I can do a rainbow. I can do several stalls and I'm decent at juggling the ball with my legs, thighs, head, and shoulders. The most I've ever juggled the ball was 100+ times. As far as actual in-game tricks I can only do a few jukes but I can't do much. I can't do any spins either. I can also do some good 'goalie' tricks where I spin the soccer ball around my arms and behind my head. I can also perform the stall on the back of my neck.
  • Theres loads of soccer tricks and it depends what you want them for. If your trying to take people on, then the best three in my opinion are: The Step Over The Flip Flap The Marseille Roulette They're all pretty easy once you get the hang of them. If your just looking to show off then the list of tricks is endless. The best ones to do are whilst juggling. Things like the Round the World, Catching the ball on the back of your neck and knock downs are pretty impressive. Youtube some of them or go onto this website iv got quite a lot of tips from it
  • Doing football tricks can be really tough, but I know of a website where the owner who has written a book and updates a blog about being able to play like Ronaldinho. is where you'll find this stuff Both the blog and book have been particularly useful to me, so you might find it useful too

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