• Possibly. Adults like me are the lucky ones. I got two (TWO!) strobe skull key chains in one box of Captain Crunch. Woo hoo! Seriously, where has the fun gone? I mean all this have to mail stuff in to get a prize crap. Ahhh, the good old days :)
  • You mean they don't put the prizes in the box anymore?! What kind of horse sh*t is that?!
  • It is hard to find cereal with "prizes" inside now. When I was a kid I could not wait until the toy would fall out into (hopefully) my bowl. Now you have to save up the bar codes and send money in to get the toys, what a crock.
  • Yes kids these days are missing out on so many wonderful and simple things that we used to enjoy. So much innocence is lost so early.
  • It was one of the coolest reasons even to be able to get your favorite cereal. They most certainly are. I wish they'd put prizes in the cereal, too. On the other hand, sometimes kids only want the cereal for the prize in there. My 10 year old doesn't like to eat cereal, much.
  • They still have prizes in cereal boxes, you just have to look at what your buying beforehand. Read the front and back of the box... :)

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