• I, as an athiest, am going to say YEP!!!
  • It means that many who claim to be Christians are not and they will be in the same boat as all who reject the Lordship of Jesus!
  • This is referring to people who claim to be Christians but do not bear any fruit. There are many people in this world who are afraid of the idea of Hell and know they do not want to go there, so they call themselves Christians and say they place God first in their life. Even though they claim this, they do not live their life in a Christian manner. They live for themselves and do what they want but do not produce the fruit of a Christian. These people know all ABOUT God but do not actually KNOW God. On the day of judgment, they will see Christ and say all they did for him and how much they placed him first. They will say how good of a person they were. Christ will say, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you." This goes hand in hand with Isaiah telling us our greatest works are as filthy rags. In the Hebrew, the word was "ayd". This word literally means the rags used to catch the blood of a menstruating woman. In other words, our greatest works, when Christ is not the center of them, are no better than rags soaked in menstrual blood. Nothing we can do will get us into Heaven. Only accepting Christ as Lord and Savior can do that. That means placing God first, dying to self, and rising in the resurrection of Christ as a new creature.

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