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  • This is a hard one, alcoholism is an illness hard from both your points of view. If you could record him by video recorder and show him what he is like while under the influence it may make him seriously think about his problem, but on the other hand he may get angry and upset if you do this. As I don't know your husband you will have to make your own decision on how you think he will handle this. Have you ever heard the saying "Oh to see yourself as others see you". Good luck to you.
  • I will tell you from experience its not worth it. is he getting help? is he getting counciling? Ive been through this and i ended up leaving. they can say they will stop but one time turns into three then they are back where they started. you should forgive him for everytime. but as far as staying with him? I would recomend to run away as fast as you can. He has to be the one that wants help. He should NOT!!! be doing this for you. He needs to do it for himself. and only him. He is the only one that can help him. I tried to fix my husband and after many tried I finnaly figured out i cant. I am powerless to the situation. even if you werent with him he would still be doing the same thing. but to someone else. All i can say wholeheartedly is dont let him walk all over you. you dont deserve to be treated that way.I hope you read this and think about it. I hope you dont just say its not that bad and minimize the situation. good luck
  • You can forgive hiim as many times as it takes, but you should not be with him until or unless he shows a committment to getting help with his problem. Otherwise you will definitely get hurt and not just a black eye. He needs to do this himself.
  • If he doesnt seek help, it will only get worse. You should keep forgiving him for as long as youre willing to put up with that lifestyle. For me, it would have be .. now. If you visit some AlAnon meetings, you will learn how family members cope with this disease.
  • dont! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! let him get HIS problems fixed before you allow him to come back to you. this shouldnt be your responsibility and you deserve someone better. you dont even need to tell him why u leave him, cuz he knows.
  • Time to leave him. Now.
  • The best thing you can do for him is to talk to him. Tell him that unless he seeks some help NOW, you and he are done. You have forgiven him enough. Get him in touch with a local AA meeting. Pronto! You have already gotten hurt once and the next time it may not be an accident. He has the problem and not you. Ask him if he would like it if YOU were behaving like he does when he drinks? You do not have to do what I am suggesting because you do not have the problem, however it may help for you to attend some AlAnon meetings as well. If you choose to do so, you will be with other people who deal with alcoholics in their lives as well. Such contacts can be of great assistance to you. If he does not choose to attend meetings and continues to get drunk, then make good on your threat. RUN! Best of luck in dealing with this situation and please consider posting a comment on how things are going.
  • Well if i was in your poition i'd get him some help fast with his alcohol problems. Theres a part in your question which says "I got a black eye(accidently)Nothing happens for no reason there has to be a reason and clearly for this matter he musst of been wasted(drunk) If his alochol problems get more serious leave him before you get hurt even more.

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