• Yes, my brother even managed to con me out of money by doing so, i changed my signature a week ago and i'm always signing my old one, Damit. LOL
  • No-one could forge my signature, when i first developed mine, i wanted to make sure that even i couldn't replicate it! :)
  • Mine isn't that easy to forge (as my daughter has found out. She's 12 and tries to right my name if she forgets to have me sign her homework).
  • I think mine would take some work to learn. I have a P at the end of my last name that i am not sure they could do right.
  • *knocks on wood* I've not had any issues yet with anyone trying to forge my signature, but I don't think it's that easy to forge.
  • Well ... I try to complicate my signature but later on forget how I got there guess i have to be happy with what I am doing now :-)
  • Mine is not so easy. I worked in medical so I had to learn to sign my name quick. I'm not sure anyone could figure out the scribble to even identify a name let alone copy it.
  • The 1st grade type of signature always worked for me.
  • i worry more about identity theft in other ways... if a crook wants to rob you blind, they will figure out a way then again, i don't have that much money to worry about..... why should i change who i am because of potential thief? if i change the way i write my name... the thieves win....
  • Yes. My signature is so bad, it looks like a little kid wrote it. Anybody have any signature tips?
  • My signature is so easy to forge, I have even seen another person with the EXACT same one as me. I never learned to write in cursive, so I just kinda swirl the first 2 letters of my first name and viola', done deal!
  • Mine is rather complicated, my handwriting is so terrible you'd have to be a first grader to write at my level ;).
  • that is funny that you said that becuse i sign my name using a Regular S and a lower case g for my last name...and i decided that i want to make it look a little nicer so i changed it, sorta, i'm trying to
  • I think that eventually signatures will be replace by eye readers or fingerprints...signatures are too easy to copy matter how difficult we try to make them...Just FYI..I worked checking ID and signatures for years..and a trick (and I have no idea why this works) is to look at and compare both signatures while you are holding them upside down...It is, for some reason, much easier to spot a forgery...just a fact of useless information that came from a very dark, strange corner of my brain:)
  • First off, I'm not really worried about it. Secondly, I don't think there's anyone who could duplicate my signature as it is VERY unique !
  • Do signatures really matter anyway? I have seen checks run through the bank that didn't even have a signature on them. I use the bank card and online bill pay so I don't sign checks. If its signing a contract usually that has to be witnessed. I will just keep it the same.
  • Yeah I've thought that sometimes. But I dont really have another signature in mind, so I'll just keep using this one for now.
  • I haven't thought about changing it, but I do remember reading an article that said the easiest signatures to forge were really messy ones because nobody could read them anyone. So I try to always make mine neat and precise.
  • No, when ever I sign something it's different I can't write the same way twice.

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