• This damn website loads too friggen slow most times.
  • Haven't you noticed yet? People ask questions ALL the time! It gets really annoying.
  • "I just stepped in a mud puddle with my boyfriend. Am I pregnant?" -OR- "I'm not using birth control and I had unprotected sex. Am I pregnant?"
  • Answering an (obvious) homework question and, instead of giving a response in gratitude or clarification, the next question on the damn assessment sheet is posted. You know who you are!
  • Seeing the same question from the same user multiple times in a row.
  • The numerous tabs it keeps opening - one after the other.
  • Textspeak. I *HATE* Textspeak. We have plenty of room here for all the letters. Type out "are you" instead of "R U" for crying out loud!!!!!!!
  • People who ask ridiculous questions like "am I pregnant?" or "am I gay?"....if you don't know, how the hell are we supposed to know? And, I can understand younger folks who are still in school who don't quite have a grasp of grammar or spelling...but when I see adults who have the grammar and spelling skills of a 1st grader, I find that disturbing.
  • I'm not a huge fan of "non-answers". By "non-answers" I mean: Question: Why is the sky blue? Answer: I don't know. That kills me. If you don't know, then don't answer. It pisses me off more when an answer like that has 13 or 14 points. Come on, let's use some discrimination. Not every utterance deserves points.
  • I agree with 'Shopping Sheryl' - people that think they're on a mobile phone, and using 'text' language on their *computer.* There's enough space in the text-window for people to type words in full, and I think it would only take a few extra seconds for them to type additional letters. Or is that too long for them? Where's the fire? :-)
  • I never really been trolled before. But I am sure I would hate it. What usually makes me a bit upset is when someone ask a question then comments rudely or offensively because you did not agree with them. It soon becomes evident they were only wanting people to agree with them.
  • How slow AB has been lately...its painful.
  • I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend, and I dont know what to do? Quit screwing the friend! Could I be pregnant? Do I look like a pregnancy test. What kind of pill is this? Go to RX.COM, and look it up yourself. Someone that ask the same question three different ways, do you think we dont know? Or are you waiting to get the answer you want?
  • I hate it when people type in an "answer" that has nothing to do with the question. I also hate it when someone pulls up a question just to say, "I don't know."
  • Lack of speed.
  • I don't like put downs, like "Get a life" or "No sense of humor" when someone disagrees with you.
  • The people who ask bait questions to pick a fight.
  • Disappearing comments. You hit "Post comment" and whatever you'd written is gone - as thought you'd hit "Cancel". That's annoying. Points that fail to register. You point the answers and then refresh the page - and none of the answers got the points.
  • AB being soooooooooooo slow and thin skinned people who don't like to hear the simple truth with no sugar coating... and I gay/lesbian/bisexual.... I found porn...have I got a belly full of arms and legs this cheating
  • I think the nastiest situations occur not on AB itself, but offline in email and instant messenger among "cliques" of users who are friends. Of course it's fine for people to form friendships, but it's a short hop for many people from being friends to being conspirators -- picking out someone they dislike and crossing over the line with regard to that person. I've seen some pretty hair-raising situations arise from this, which leak onto Answerbag often -- waves of gossip, innuendo, and attack. In the process, the facts get lost, decency dissolves, and friends end up as enemies. There's nothing quite like the ability to restrain oneself to keep these viruses in check. Even good people get caught up in them.
  • People who are rude, impolite and disrespectful to others! :(
  • I have come across numerous answers/comments where people freely admit that they are retaliatory down raters. Not good. To be fair, if I drop a comment most just don't realize what a powder keg doing so is. Most apologize and say they won't do it anymore. I appreciate that.
  • How it often says "Answer 22 out of 21". (or whatever). Can't they count?
  • When people answer your question really seriously or critisise u for being ridiculous even though u have posted in the CRAZY thoughts section. I mean what do they excpect...?........Im confused??????/
  • People who corect your grammer and spelling,so i'm going to say right here and now that my spelling is crap and i dont care,if that bothers you dont answer.

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