• because some people are just ignorant, and think that someone else must have peed on the toilet seat so they dont want to touch it! and then they themselves pee on toilet.. -_-
  • I would never use the restroom on a train, used it once and felt very claustrophobic. I would learn to hold my water until I got to a station or home.
  • Ugh because some people are disgusting pigs. I worked at a movie theater and you would be truly disgusted to learn some of the crap (har har) that I had to clean up in those restrooms. People have no consideration for the fact that a) someone else has to put their butt on that toilet seat after them and b) someone else has to CLEAN UP the toilet seat that you just peed all over. I dunno why some people do it, but I know I don't. It's weird to me, everyone has been the unlucky one who lands on the peed-on toilet seat after that jackass who peed all over it and didn't clean up, why would you do it, too? *sigh* people just suck lol...
  • Because its fun to f- up public bathrooms.
  • I hear what your saying. I hate when I go to wash my hands and I lean forward and the bottom part of my shirt is soaked from where someone just splattered water and didn't bother to wipe it up. I always just take a quick swipe with my paper towel around the rim.
  • Because I'm a jerk and I have fun making other people clean up my piss. I piss on the seat and walls all the time.
  • Because they're lazy?

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