• That person is an idiot. No religious right is being denied by allowing same-sex marriage.
  • Ahahaha! Points for making my day a bit brighter.
  • absolutely none.
  • It violates the right to dictate morality to others. You'll find it in the constitution in section <mumble mumble blah blah>
  • so it is ok to uphold religious rights, but not human rights? WTF! protecting the rights of ALL of it's citizens should be the govnt's stance, not on what they believe, or what one group believes, nor who is paying them off the most.
  • I don't know what the Christian rhetoric would be regarding that. It could be that they're afraid that they'd be forced to conduct and sanction same-sex marriages and ceremonies if same-sex marriages were fully recognized but as far as I know, no gay-rights groups are advocating that. Allowing same sex marriage doesn't violate their right to conduct their own marriage ceremonies as they see fit. It just means that as most others here have said, they can't impose that on the rest of the US.
  • none, it's homophobic propaganda
  • None, allowing gay marriage violates no one's rights in any way, shape, or form. If someone's actions don't directly effect you in measurable, preferably physical, ways, then they're probably not violating your rights. The consequences of the fact that gays are denied legal recognition and the accompanying rights are easily perceptible and measurable, the consequences of the supposed violation of Christians' "Religious Rights" (Or even what these rights *Are* for that matter) is either much less clear, or much more non-existent. And I'm leaning towards that second one.
  • Good question...none of which I am aware. Religious groups that set themselves above the law are rampant..rules/laws exist for "the others" and not for them..they take upon themselves and for themselves all rights in all things because somehow they think "God" is on their side and expects that of them. How do they "know"? Perhaps God is watching them to see if and when they will realize they are acting against His will by those very actions. It's all conjecture, of one alive "knows" and those who have passed on aren't telling! :)
  • In you U.S. you have the right to freely practice your religion. You do NOT have the right to force others to practice your religion or accept the tenants of your religion. Some Christians need to learn to curb their dogma.
  • NONE! The preventing of same sex marriage crap is 100% religious and not legal at all. It does violate personal rights and freedoms and should be stricken from the books! "Religious rights" are religious and NOT legal rights!
  • Just those that think that it is right to try and enforce morality through law (and even then it is only their sensibilities that are "violated".
  • There is no constitutional right or a constitutional ban to same sex marriage in the U.S. Your friend is confusing Christian views with legal rights.

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