• 1) "As a summary to the Seasonal Round, the following list highlights the key community and environmental events that directly or indirectly influenced subsistence activities in Year Two." "April 2: Wainwright Whaling Captains meeting April 3: Seal hunting on newly open lead north of town three miles from land (lead remained open for about two weeks) April 8: Whaling crews begin breaking trail through the ice April 8: Community dance April 9: Special church service for whaling captains and crew April 15: First whaling crews move out onto ice Strong winds drive whaling crews back to town" "November 2 [1990]: Search and Rescue ends search for Arnold Kayutak; memorial service for Arnold Kayutak; ocean freezes over." Source and further information: It look like he has been a member of a whaling crew. 2) "Description: A WONDERFULLY CARVED IVORY TUSK by Alaskan Arnold Kayutka... Kayutka is from Wainright in the Yukon Territory and is a hunter and ivory carver; this carving features a Walrus; 6" long; a small age crack and a couple of chips at the backside of the carving; small paper about Kayutka is included; Status: Off Market Reference#: boxY_ivory Condition: Very Good Year: Circa 1950 Country: Alaska Maker: Arnold Kayutka Width: 6 in. (15.24 cm)" Source and further information:,carved-ivory-tusk,1532387.html I cannot see any signature on the sculpture, but maybe it is very small. There are some detail views on this site, and also a photo of the maker:,id,1532387.html#image4 You can also send an email to the dealer:
  • I have a soapstone hunter in a kayak signed KAYUTAK I assume this would be the same fellow. No first name or initial. Can't find info. on him. would be glad to compare signatures.

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