• failing to meet with you or give you a home phone number.
  • Probably it's taking them longer to reply to your emails. Or if you're chatting, they would always try to end the chat as soon as possible, and give many excuses. Just my guess though.
  • well for one they are ONLINE. i dont think people ought to take online relationships THAT seriously.
  • i think that when someone is being shady..deep down inside you know it..i think its important not to get so caught up in the excitment of a new relationship that you don't pay attention to these things. if things don't add up..or things seem shady...don't overlook them.
  • Well, remember the old saying 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.' If they describe themselves as gorgeous, rich, healthy, lots of friends, own their own home, great car, what the heck are they doing looking for love on-line?
  • There is no such thing as an "online girlfriend" or boyfriend. You can only have a true relationship with someone you have met in person. The rest is just typing. If a person has deluded themselves into thinking that they have a relationship with someone they have never met, and entrusted this person with personal information, then of course they could be deceived by this other person. The point is, until you have a real relationship, it's much safer not to give out personal information, and make emotional attachments. Good luck!
  • Why do you ask? If you think you are being deceived, then you probably are. If you want to discuss it further, I'm free on Saturday. I'm always here to help friends.
  • I don't think so..really good liars are very's those who are not used to telling lies that aren't good at it is a crapshoot! :(
  • I think the most common sign is that things they say and do just don't add up after a while and don't make sense based on previous information they have shared with you. You may begin to feel uncomfortable and unsure of the person when your instincts or inner voice comes along and says 'hey i'm giving you a warning that all is not well here'. It pays to listen to it. Potect yourself from people who would take you for granted and assume you are too stupid to notice such things :)
  • It's difficult to tell, especially if that person is hiding behind their computer screen. Normally you can tell by looking at facial features or listening to their voice. In this case, it's entirely to your own instincts and it's soooo easy to send the wrong message over MSN. I say go with your gut feeling.
  • I think you will see the signs after awhile. I never had an online type relationship that was that close, B/F ..but I can't see how it won't be obvious after a short time. What would they want to even deceive you for? Wouldn't it be a waste of time? What would they get from it? I may be slow, but I can only see that they might lose interest and not know how to tell you?? But either way, I think it would become crystal clear very quickly. Just my take on it.
  • When I had an Internet boyfriend, I learned that he was very consistent in his beliefs, values, and so on. He has a consistent Internet personality and tells the same stories. He was and is still able to make up the same thing he said 2 years ago and it will still come out the same, even if it's in different words. My answer? Save your conversations and look for any inconsistencies. If your girlfriend says she lives in Montreal and then says she lives in Toronto and she says she's never moved, she's probably lying. Are you following my train of thought? If I need to be more clear, please tell me.
  • I did have an internet partner, that I did meet and we had a long-distance relationship. We saw each other at least every 2 months. then I started finding out I was being told a lie, then another and another.... and then she made a new "friend" online who she all of a sudden starting visiting more than me....and she still swears they were just friends. I realized that there would never be any commitment, I finally ended it..and I should have done it a couple years sooner than I did!
  • If you notice opened condom wrappers in the background while you're teleconferencing is usually a bad sign.
  • Lots of questions about deception my friend; this doesn't sound good to me. Honesty is a must in a relationship (tact is too for the sensitive stuff but still honesty is a solid foundation for a relationship . . . it will fall out from under you otherwise.) That's no old saying or 'pat' answer, I promise - - it's a lot of experience talking. Deception, head games and such have no place in a serious relationship; it will destroy it and the participants/victims. I wouldn't advise my friend on such a matter without having lived both sides of it myself.
  • Hmmmmmm!!!! worrying me now Zack :-o
  • Ther most obvious sign is cutting a conversation short, having to leave imediatly as in, byee,gotta go, love you/end
  • Maybe one sign might be if you found out that she told him she was single or not attached...then I would assume she was making a fool out of herself by trying to fish the internet for a date. You don't really know who your dealing with. How much can you honest recieve from typed words, compared to a gfriend/bfriend in person? You can actually hang out, talk, and have physical contact...the other way (internet)is just fantasy. Some people can actually think the love of their life is a keystroke away. Of course their hot right, ahem...
  • If you find out that they lie about their real life,real personalities. If they try to show you they are perfect,and exaggerate in complimenting you after all they don't really know. So by complimenting you,they are trying to manipulate you.
  • never let you near his/her phone 10 Signs of a Cheating Spouse By Dr. Reena Sommer Because having to accept that one may be married to a cheating spouse is painful and unacceptable, most will choose to overlook some very obvious signs of a cheating spouse. Sadly, once the infidelity is discovered, people generally feel angry at their own ignorance in not recognizing the signs of a cheating spouse. If your relationship is not what it used to be and you are beginning to feel that you are no longer as important to your spouse as you once were, you may want to familiarize yourself with the following list of the 10 signs of a cheating spouse: your spouse does not share his or her day with you - he or she seems more closed and distant there are changes in your spouse's working schedule - either starting earlier, ending later or has new demands such as dinners, late meetings etc. your spouse has taken up new interests and/or hobbies that are surprisingly uncharacteristic of him or her your spouse has taken a sudden interest in his or her appearance - new and different types of clothing, hairstyle or weightloss your spouse has started to use or has changed his or her perfume/after shave your spouse leaves the room to receive calls on his or her cell phone when you walk by your spouse while he or she is on the computer, the program window is immediately change or closed your spouse has begun the habit of showering immediately upon coming home
  • sorry i misread ur question check history dont let him no emails on chat sites

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