• Recently I read in a video trend mag, trying to make up my mind about what to buy. Most major movie producing studios have switched or are switching to Blu-Ray. I think there are like two left that are ending their contracts with HD this year. (not totally sure about that one) So it's safe to say Blu-Ray will be around until something new and better comes along.
  • Technology is changing almost every day, as long as they can make money off of it , something better will be around the corner.
  • Blu-Ray has beat out the HD-DVD thang, so for now it seems to be the way of the future.
  • Sony learned a few hard lessons with the Betamax saga and have won this round x
  • I like bluray best, and alot of stores now only carry dvd, or bluray.
  • HD DVD vs Blu-Ray: The war continues Each of these formats has its own advantages and limitations. However, Blu-Ray appears to be lagging behind on two main fronts price and content advantages. Despite the cost advantage that HD DVD format has, consumers haven't warmed up to it. With a $24 billion market (which once belonged to the obsolete DVD format) up for grabs, it goes without saying that both camps are mulling a drastic reduction in prices. For now, let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that the white flag brings some good news. Blu-ray 1.1: a lawsuit waiting to happen? Owners of old players could be spurred into class action. Early adopters of Blu-ray Disc could be so incensed by changes being made to 'their' movie format that they could sue Hollywood studios and hardware makers alike. Blu-ray: accident or design? Blu-ray: who's to blame?
  • Well, I just bought an HD-player a month ago due to the price and I like toshiba. Unfortantly now most of the studios have announced they are making only blu-ray and phasing out toshiba. I know blu-ray can hold more extra features than toshiba, but I think look is about the same. There might be a little difference, but not enough for me to tell.
  • It is the highest quality consumer video format currently available. Now that HD-DVD is being phased out, Blu-ray is set to be the eventual successor to DVD. It will probably be a lot like the transition period between VHS and DVD, with both being released for a few years until the newer one becomes the standard. That doesn't mean that a new format won't come out to compete with Blu-ray during that period, but as for now it is the best quality video distribution format available.
  • With out a shadow of a doubt, blu-ray is here to stay. There are times when I am watching a movie on blu-ray that I almost forget I am not at an IMAX theater. You should start to see a minor price drop in all blu-ray equipment(movies, and players)shortly seeing as how the HD-DVD format is in the process of being completely fased out.
  • Another way to make us all convert our and then it will be somthing else.
  • Without my support, Blu-Ray will probably wither and die. I own well over 1,000 DVD's, but don't see myself giving the same support to a format owned by Sony. Had they cooperated with Toshiba, things might be different. I do like the extra hard coating on the surface of the BR disc, but otherwise preferred HD-DVD for the next gen standard.
  • No it wont. Solid state drives are already in production and it is only a matter of time before they get to the same memory storage at a similar price as Blu-Ray discs, think VHS Vs VCD's. Blu-Ray will be big for about another 5 years then it will fall off as, instead of having to have a disc about 12cm accross we can have a memory card (solid state) about 2cm x 2cm. However, even solid state wont last long, maybe only 10 years after that! Then holographic technology will become viable. We are in a stage of huge progression when it comes to data storage. Expect to see some HUGE changes in the coming years.
  • no but it won commercially
  • Yes it is the best HD formart that's aviable to the comsumer, and It's here to stay.
  • This format has more than five times the storage capacity of standard DVD’s and can hold up to 25 GB of uncompressed video and audio, on a single layer Disc and 50 GB on a dual layer Disc. it's a keeper
  • Yeah, I think once the prices drop, it will probably be the next DVD. I have a Playstation 3 but only one Blue Ray movie, 300. And it looks amazingly good.
  • it is the best unless you have a blu ray dvd that is not compatible with the format of the player. there is no standard format for blu rays. production companys are making them different everytime there is a new movie. i think one day the Production companys may come up with a standard blu ray format. and then update it when the blu rays have been updated (at least i think thats the way it should be lol)

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