• She is an evil, spiteful, bigoted woman - who has no place or qualifications to be spewing advice to anyone. Clear enough? :o)
  • how bad would it be if i had no idea who that was?
  • Sometimes I don't think she understands all the complexities of life. I think it could go either way for here with good advice and not so good advice.
  • Who the hell is Dr. Laura. No buls**t.
  • she's no more qualified than Dr. J
  • I think she would have every woman back in the stoneages! She definately is not a woman of the 21st century!
  • Other than the fact that I know one person on here loathes her, I don't know who she is. I think she's a radio person in California, I just wish I knew what she was about & why people hate her
  • She is very rigid and opinionated. Things seem to be black and white for her, no in between. She is often abusive to callers. However, I feel little sympathy for those who call, because they know what they are in for. She is the perfect talk show host for masochists. :)
  • I don't have much of an opinion on her, since I don't bother with that kind of stuff. She seems more like a housewife, though--not a reputable doctor.
  • She is one person with "one" point of view. I think becoming famous made her a little to confident in her opinions.
  • I like her myself. I read one of her books and it helped me a lot. People don't like Dr. Phil either. But again, I happen to like Dr. Phil too.
  • *** changes the station ASAP *** How about them Bucs...?
  • She is a quack that should never have been allowed to give advice to anyone. Note that she is NOT a psychologist, but something like a kinesiologist.
  • She's whacked yo...
  • I loathe the woman! She is a true masochist. She is not satisfied unless she has inflicted some sort of pain, and she has to be seen as the Saviour of all saviours. All her callers are morons, and they deserve her big time. She is a frightening woman, in that she is so closed minded, ie my way or the highway. to the point of obsession. Who else thinks she needs a shrink?
  • I've known her since 1993, meaning I've been on her show, radio and TV, in Los Angeles. She can be aggravating, but that's the Jewish Mother in her. Her first and primary concern are the children. She comes down hard on everyone, each of which thinks they are being singled out as a group or individual. She dropped an anvil on me when I let my work get ahead of my marriage to my second wife, resulting in divorce.
  • First of all, I am my kids mom! :) Mother Laura is awesome! I believe we need more Dr. Laura's in this world.
  • Dr Laura Schlessinger Rocks!
  • They should lock her, Dr Phil & Okra Whinfrey in a room & see who comes out on top. I don't have any use for any member of that brain drain.
  • I've known Dr. Laura since 1993. When she referred divorced & single fathers to contact George in KCMO, that was me. People may not like her opinions issues such as shacking up, but from 20 years experience in dealing with the results, I have to agree with her. Here's something I posted related to it just last night. She has strong opinions, and her representation of them may be a little abrupt, but anyone with a Jewish heritage mother or grandmother would know what that is like.

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