• In terms of networks and the internet an IP address stands for "Internet Protocol address". It is a unique number assigned to a device on a network (almost like a telephone number). Addresses are made up from 4 blocks of 3 digit numbers. i.e. Numbers start at 000 and go up to 255: - An IP Address can be predefined by the user in the devices configuration (Static IP) or it can set automatically through methods such as DHCP where a "master" device will assign IP Address when a request is received (Dynamic IP).
  • "An internet service provider (abbr. ISP, also called Internet access provider or IAP) is a business or organization that offers users access to the Internet and related services. In the past, most ISP's were run by the phone company. Now ISP's can be started by just about anyone. They provide services such as Internet transit, domain name registration and hosting, dial-up or DSL access, leased line access and colocation. Internet hosting services run servers, provide managed hosting, and include the Internet connection." source:
  • IP is also the abbreviation for "intellectual property" -- patents, inventions, and ideas, that are turned into products, and protected by copyright and other laws. A full explanation here:
  • The actual question was "What is IP". Not "What is an IP address". If you wanted to know what an IP address is, then it's been answered but if you actually wanted to know what IP is, then read on: Internet Protocol (IP) provides the basic delivery mechanism for packets of data sent between all systems on an internet. All other protocols in the TCP/IP suite depend on IP to carry out the fundamental function of moving packets across the internet. You can read all about IP in RFC 791 by Jon Postel. (Warning - it puts most people to sleep but I love it :)
  • Internet Protocol, the language(s) computers use to speak to each other over the Internet and, in recent years, corporate and home networks as well. It can also stand for Intellectual Property (like computer software etc).
  • IP stands for Internet Protocol in terms of computer networking, it is unique number assigned for every device on the network. IP address is made up of four groups ,in each group 3 digits..etc Ex: ( IPv4 address)

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