• It is best to eat a little bit before excercising so you have energy for your workout, but eat something light and easy to digest, such as fruit. But it is best to eat after a workout also, so your body can recover faster, experts say ricotta cheese is a good muscle repairing food. As for the best time, if you excercise in the morning your metabolism will be boosted for the rest of the day. But to get the same effect all you need to do is stretch and do a few jumping jacks in the morning. However, do not excercise within three hours of "bed time" or your body won't be read for sleep. Hope this helps!
  • I begin my work out two hours after breakfast. I work out for one hour on Mondays, Wednesday's and Fridays. On Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's I jog 3 miles each day. at the same time I normally work out. Sundays I do nothing as for working out.
  • I like to work out in the morning if I can because then I am done with it. As your day goes on there are so many other things to do that it's easy to push exercise out of the day. I have heard different answers on this topic. I say if you are just starting it is good to do it whenever you can ...just do it.
  • It depends on if you want to keep weight or lose weight. If you want to keep weight then make sure that you exercise whenever it is cold. But if you want to lose weight, then exercise when it is hottest. . You should have a meal at about three hours before your exercise. A fitness bar is OK mid workout or immediately after. Wait about an hour after the workout before your next meal.
  • it really depends.. i agree that working out in the morning definately gets you rmetabolism going and can give you a boost in energy for the rest of your day.. Also working out on an empty stomach or after a small meal is also smart. Eat a meal of complex carbs the night before i.e whole grain foods this should get you the energy needed with just a pice of fruit and water in the morning to power you through your workout. IF you must workout at night or after work make it before dinner and eat a small lite breakfast. Just don't go in the gym on a full stomach you will just make your self miserable. give yourself at lease an hour to digest. Hope this helps.

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