• No. You may have broken the sites rules but no laws are in place to govern who we speak to.
  • What were you chatting about? It is perfectly legal to chat with minors, but certain sexual conversations with minors are illegal. The rules of the site are irrelevant to the issue of legality.
  • i dont think you broke the law but she certainly did (UK legal adult age is 18, age of sexual consent is 16 but that doesnt allow for going to adult sites). this brings up the issue of consumer protection. there are laws to protect children against predators whether real world or online - and rightfully so. but if we choose to go to an adult chatroom, we should be able to access these sites to interact with other adults without worrying about minors (or feds) potentially setting us up. unfortunately disclaimers on adult sites simply mean that legal age is just a click away.....
  • When did you find out her age? Afterwards? Before? It's like going into a bar, picking up a girl, getting her home, and afterwards finding out that she graduates from highschool in a few months (no this didn't happen to me). Are we required by law to ask for proof of age, if you are in an establishment that legally caters to those who are "of age" ? If you believe the girl is 19, but she turns out to be 17... were you being misled? Is it like the signs that state "If we think your under 40 we'll ask to see ID before selling tobacco products".
  • I am that girl

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