• it could last up to two weeks. should not be much more than that. however, unless you wash her thoroughly she will still attract male dogs and is capable of conceiving.
  • around 14 days
  • The actual bleeding lasts for around 14 or so days (we girls are all individuals) and then the discharge turns a clear straw colour. That is when she will really want to be with the fellas! So watch out! That lasts about 5 to 7 days and then tapers off. Then you will be in the clear for a few months.
  • Hi, it is normal for a bitch to bleed during heat, it starts off red and the colour gradually gets pinker and paler until the 11th day when it should be clear, she is then ready for mating....... Hope this helps! (I am dog breeder)
  • By the way, in case you need to know, it is normal for a dog to come into heat every 7 months - although I did have a GS bitch that had 3 heats a year!
  • It will last around a month. She will go into heat 2 times a year

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