• Spaced out.
  • I think being exposed to music from an alien species would change how this world works. (Along with all the other aspects of life it would share.) The music would probably have some similarities, although the possibility of our brains not being able to perceive it could be a problem. Obviously I have no idea what it would be like, but all know, it would be one of the best moments of my life to experience extraterrestrial music. Especially if I got to jam with them. :)
  • music is definitely universal! it always blows my mind to think since everyone's brain interprets sound in a different way the same piece of music sounds different to everyone on earth, imagine an alien race! It probably won't be the same to us i image though, since the design of ours brains most likely won't be the same (who knows?) it might just be weird sounds to us orrr the best sound we've ever heard? lol i guess we'll have to wait and see (or hear in this case) I recall they sent a pink floyd record in space on some mission... i've always wondered if an alien species ever heard it what it would sound like to them
  • Ashtar Sheran says that the art when has no vibration is nothing. I read many books about extraterrestrials but they say very little about this argument. Elohim our creators do love artists with sentiments of love
  • without extraterrestrial life there would not be et music... so if there is life lets hope our audible range is similar i wouldn't mind hearing a track or two☺
  • Some spacecrafts have instruments that can capture radio emissions in space. I have heard that the planets in our solar system do have "ghostly" sounding songs! See NASA's recording of Jupiter's song.
  • It is called, "The music of the spheres." Music is universal because it is based on the laws of physics which permeate the universe. Sound exists because of vibrations and all the music that has ever been and ever will be is out there waiting to be organized into formants of expression. So, I think we will find some real common elements if we discover other cultures, but also unique elements because there are so many possibilities in music that have yet to be composed.
  • well the earth rotates to d flat. so all of what we percive as noise or music is relative to that. this would change depending on the size, tilt, gravity of the ailens' world. our music could sound like the static on chanell 134 to them, but chanell 134 could be the best damn music they ever heard.
  • I think it would be very haunting and echoing. I lived for some time above the Arctic Circle and frequently observed the Aurora Borealis. My Inuit companions said they could hear the sound of it (I couldn't). They described it as a high pitched wailing sound with a very deep undertone...wavy and long, long notes. I did notice the dogs ears prick during the early stage of the light 'show' there is something to this..altho' modern scientists deny any evidence of sound. Interesting Question.....
  • These two music videos. One is "Moments In Space" and the other is "Enjoy The Beauty Of The Universe With New Age Music". Enjoy!
  • It might not be as different as one would think. If you have creatures who breathe, live on a planet surface, and manipulate tools... even a civilization far more advanced and long-lived than ours would probably have evolved as beings using tools fashioned from their immediate environment. My guess is that, just as we did, they would start out in four ways- using their "voice"; somebody beating on something; somebody pushing air through a hollow cylinder(bone?); and finally, driving two nails on a wall and stretching a string between them, making a "diddley bow". I'm pretty sure that any wind or string instrument, no matter where in the known universe, would produce the same harmonic series, and the same major chord at the second octave, possibly forming an affinity for triad I-IV-V-I harmony at the beginning. Perhaps over millenia(as brains grow larger, or augmented by AI), harmony would become trite, with regular top-40 pop rockin' the masses with some crazy Webern-like atonal stuff, but with a beat. Or perhaps labyrinthine chains of circle-of-fifths progressions and retrogressions, time compressed, rapid key changes, and juggling an insane number of theme-melodies...that would overload our senses were we to somehow have the opportunity to listen to it. Which, if we ever do, I hope that I am alive to hear it.
  • Cosmic satellite bands in motion, from starlight visual equalisation.
  • i would so love to hear alien rap...i mean i doubt dey rap about jewelz and cars n hoes...hahaha dat be some funny shit if dey did...
  • We cannot even fully comprehend another cultures' genre of music on planet earth! I do not think that the people on earth are open minded enough to answer that question, but my thoughts on the subject is this: I think it would be wonderful and maybe too complicated for us to grasp. Or maybe music is music the setting in this case is just different.
  • et's big on Michael Bolton

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