• I got a great deal through Expedia for my honeymoon. I know it wasn't just the flight, but for just under $2000 I got a stay at a 5 star hotel, flight for two both ways, car rental for 5 days and a dinner cruise. The hotel alone would have cost just about the same as everything. This is the place I stayed at and it was FANTASTIC:
  • on the other side of the airport the cargo planes they have seats
  • I have quite a big list of travel sites because I am searching as well. Here are some that I can remember right now. -
  • Join the Army
  • or Sign up for all the airlines email notifications of instant travel bargains.
  • try
  • I always got it from the Airline itself, by booking it online.
  • It's tough to beat the search engines on the regular travel sites like (my favorite). But one thing that IS very important is WHEN you travel. Generally, the closer you get to Wednesday for arrivals and departures, the cheaper the flight. This is easy to see for yourself, just go to one of the search sites and choose a popular route (like LA > NY). Set your departure and arrival dates to be two consecutive Wednesdays, then see what prices you get back. Repeat that for other days, especially weekends... and you'll see the pattern. Because the airlines are less loaded in the middle of the week, the fares routinely drop -- often by huge amounts.

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