• Certainly. I hope Randy Simmons is in a place free of the people like the worthless wack-job ahole who put him there. I sure hope SWAT is working on procedural and equipment improvements to prevent what happened to him and Officer Veenstra. I voted yes on Proposition A as did 59% of the other voters in my area. This measure would have increased the sales tax by a mere 1/2% (only 50 cents for every $100) to provide funding for more officers. However, because of the penurious short-sightedness of those who voted for a measure that requires a 2/3 majority to pass any tax increase it failed. BTW Nelson, where do you live? I live in Sherman Oaks and since you're the one who started this thread I'm guessing that you know where it is. ;)
  • Thanks to all law enforcement around the globe. It is sad whenever a life is unnecessarily lost in the course of duty. Thinking about you, LAPD!
  • Thanks to all law enforcement around the world!
  • I agree they never get the credit they should for being in such a dangerious job!!
  • We lost an officer here in the Connecticut city where I live back in 1994. He was a nice guy, who always waved to people with a big smile whenever he was doing traffic duty. He was shot in the head during a drug bust that went bad by a perp who wrested his service revolver away from him. He is dearly missed, even to this day, by a community who appreciated his friendly and happy-go-lucky nature. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of our fallen officers and I also pray that our present officers will have safe tours of duty.
  • It was such a terrible tragedy, one that has never happened to SWAT ever. And lasting 8 hours! How grueling for them all. It saddened me greatly:-(
  • Thanks to cops everywhere for a job well done.
  • Our protectors in this country (military, policemen, firemen, etc.) don't receive much credit. So to anyone who risks their lives so that I can be safe, thank you
  • My father is a retired police officer and I have never had anything but respect for these fine men and women that put their asses on the line everyday to protect us. What happened was such a tragedy and my heart goes out to his family, friends, co-workers and community.
  • I would! Thank you all. sorry for your loss LAPD :(
  • Our hero's is what they are...their pay should far exceed anything the athletes get, movie stars, etc. I want to say thank you for all you do. Very brave men and women indeed!!
  • LAPD: you have a difficult and often thankless job. You are heroes in the truest sense of the word, and I thank you for your dedication, honor, integrity, and sacrifice. My thoughts and prayers are with you as your mourn one of your own.
  • They certainly have my best wishes and my respects.
  • I'm watching the ceremony for Officer Randy Simmons and they're performing "Knocking on Heaven's Door". :-(

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