• Yes I have. AT first I thought it was an excellent much for me thinking that. Sometimes when you start falling there's nothing to hold on to and well, face it, your just going to fall. :)
  • YES. For 7 months, then I was STUPID & gave in & he left with my money. NEVER AGAIN
  • Yes. If you're not ready for a relationship that's probably the best thing you can do.
  • Isn't that called preemptive rejection?
  • For me avoiding someone means staying away from Answerbag and I'm not about to do that. I know it sounds impossible to fall in love with someone online, but it happens to me all the time. Maybe in fact its not love when in fact its infatuation. Anyway, with me it usually starts when the person is being consistently nice to me. I know every female bagger that's been nice to me and I'd love to be in their life, but it not a very realistic thing to happen. Sorry for the rambling TROLL. I don't even know if I answered your question.
  • It's good in theory, but really sounds like it's difficult to work on in practice. How do you know you're not going to fall in love with just the idea of them, if you don't get to know the real person? If you decide to get to know a person, maybe you won't even fall for them.
  • Seems like it would be stupid to avoid falling in love! I mean why do that? Unless you are Married or already with someone. Then I could see why you would avoid them. Yes actually I prob have done this before then i just didn't think about it. :)
  • avoiding it doesn't make it go away... to be able to avoid someone, means you gotta make an effort. and this person will therefor stay in your mind... so the love interest will only grow stronger! compare it with your biggest fear,.. the best way (whatever your reasons are for avoiding) is to just tell the object of your affection how you feel. If it is all out in the open, it's more likely that you'll discover it was all just a fantasy!
  • Is the term "falling in love" the most misused term in the English language? How can anyone "fall in love" with someone they don't even know? Fall in lust, yes! Like a lot, yes! Be enfatuated, yes! but, fall in love? c'mon people!
  • yep, i am about to do that but it seems so hard.. i am afraid that the more i ignore or avoid him will only make me miss him more... i am scared of the idea of making my heart grow fonder with his absence...phew! what more can we do?
  • I have bigger things to worry about
  • Married people who claim to have feelings for someone other than their spouse should consider this technique. The feelings may still be there but they are more easily remanded to fantasy or passing whim by maintaining a safe distance from the person, both physically and socially.
  • I think its a good idea - and something I should have done with a person several years ago. You cant fall in love with someone without having spent time with them.
  • Heh, after I started to fall, I couldn't stop falling anymore. I guess the whole avoiding point now is only so that person doesn't know and so that I don't fall even deeper. I think my shirt is hooked to a hook of some sort right now. Hope it doesn't fall off. I'm heavy.
  • yea, i made sure i didnt like the person by making sure everytime he was around the room, i would nvr look into his direction or if he that way, i'd go the other. little did i know i was thinking of him thoughtout the whole process. weird. i think its kind of lame but i fell for it.

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