• I think those are the good ones and most likely would end up being a keeper. When they are easy for you to "tap", they will be easy for others too. There are more good ones than not.
  • That she's a person with the character to live by her own standards and won't be pushed into anything.
  • A couple of months? That's not terribly long if they are serious about having a relationship. I advise all women to wait at least that long (even though it's frustrating for us guys) because otherwise, by some guys, they could be seen as almost expendable.
  • Intelligent... You never know how things are going to go on the first few dates. Some guys will date a girl for a week or so, "grooming" her until she does "put out", then leave her (he got what he wanted). Most of those jerks will NOT stick around for 2-3 months. If it's THAT long, most likely the guy loves her at least a little, and she's decided (if she does "put out") that he's worth it.
  • "Put out"? I guess I don't quite understand as that could mean many things but I have a hunch what you mean. The same question could be asked. What do girls think about guys who keep it in their pants(have self control)? - The other type of girls actually scare me off.
  • That's just her decision. If she does put out, then that's also her decision. Some relationships work others don't, so a girl not engaging in sexual relations is not always indicative of whether there is real chemistry in a relationship.
  • They think........well, I'll be back!
  • I personally think a woman should wait until she is fully ready. relationships and all that goes along with them move way too fast now-a-days. I have been going with my girlfriend for almost 8 months and we have not had any kind of sexual contact yet. we are not in any rush and either of us will pressure the other. we want it to be great so we shall wait for the magic to kick in. The way we see it is we are still getting to know each other.
  • What does it matter what "guys" think, it's what the girl feels comfortable doing. If that happens to coincide with the guy's point of view all the better. If not, then he's probably emotionally stunted which could possibly be caused by a physical shortcoming of some sort as well. (pun intended)
  • Dad told me that "If they are easy for you, they were easy for ten guys ahead of you!" Here's something to ponder and think about: I believe our society has deliberately and successfully prolongs our sexual development to the point where most young people cannot wait. While I agree that most young people are not emotionally mature for the responsibility of a sexual relationship, parents, churches and schools have now effectively extended the time from the Jewish coming of age (age 12) to nearly double that time and still expect young people to adhere to the Judeo-Christian principle.
  • who knows, and honestly who cares! If they're not willing to wait, they're not worth it. Only do it when you're ready, don't fall into the trap of thinking he'll only like oyu if you sleep with him, so many young girls do that and the guy usually ends up being a jerk anyway.
  • They are worthwhile ladies. The longer the wait the better.
  • I agree with the "tapping" answer, my girlfriend (and I) is holding out till marrage, best thing we have ever done... cause now we know we are going to be together long after the ability to have sex goes!
  • That depends entirely on the type of guy you're talkin about. Guys on the hunt for sex will get impatient.. a guy or guys looking for a true relationship may not care. Contrary to popular belief, all men are not dogs and some will actually wait until the girl or woman is ready to take that step.
  • Might ask What do girls think about guys who want to have sex within the first 30 minutes of a new date?" Girls are going to have their thoughts based on their overall reaction to the guy. Sometimes a girl will be so overwhelmed that she will gladly "put out" right away. Some will be so turned off that they will "hold off" forever. I find these "what do guys/gals think about..." questions more revealing about the questioner than anythign else. First, you're going to think for yourself, not based on what somebody else says they believe you should think. Next, there are an infinite number of variables that come into play anytime you deal with human emotions and human reactions. Far better to focus on learning about yourself and don't be concerned about what other people think.
  • Put out what? the cat?
  • If he's stayed with you this long and not been pressing you for sex, it should be fine.
  • I think it shows self control, and that they have some self worth. I really dig on girls who respect their body and dont use it as a tool.
  • I would think that you need to take a step forward in your thinking. All those stupid dating rules that you hear are pretty arbitrary. If you find someone and you click, I'd say sieze the moment, before it's lost forever...
  • They can always be seduced. Women have the buttons that turn them on. You just have to know what buttons to push, and in what order. I have dedicated my college years to finding these things out.

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