• Hell yes. First off they strike me as rude and secondly as supremely dumb. Why on earth trust a site for something that I assume is supposed to be factually correct, when everyone and his retarded hamster can post a response? There's no discernment, no effort and no intelligence and these sort of questions are the ones that I try never to answer.
  • I do. Add to this the fact that I am and educator. The reason for homework is to give the student practice so that they can actually learn the material. For someone to come on here and get the answer is no different than if they copied off of a classmate. it is cheating. This is why I usually don't give a straight answers to question that appear to be homework questions. Instead, I give hints that should lead the person to the correct answer. However, I would have a lot more respect if the person posting the question showed more honor than simply posting the question. A much better approach would be to ask for an explanation as to how to solve the problem rather than to simply ask for the answer.
  • AYE!! I've been giving the little buggers incorrect answers... it's very entertaining!
  • sorry about the retarded hamster, i put him back in his cage & locked it - had no idea the little bugger could type that well but he did win me 20$ on the superbowl
  • They don't bother me so much. Why would they? They're just as good as most of the questions asked.
  • I thought I could almost get a higher education by simply answering people's homework questions. Is that wrong?
  • It really don't bother me much. In fact, it helps me recalling back those I learned in schools, again refreshing my mind. Only for least difficult questions, others may be too deep for my standard.
  • No. I can choose not to answer them. It is there problem at least they are seeking the answers. Kids are dropping out of school at an alarming rate so anything to help them along seems ok to me. At least they are trying, they are at least typing a question, to me that shows some initiative.
  • Personally, I'm sick of hearing questions like this. Homework questions are better than that congratulatory dribble.

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