• I tell her to "stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop! stop..." I'm still working on it!
  • We used a squirt bottle to get my dalmatian to stop coming to the table during dinner.
  • I open the door so she can get out, feed her when she is hungry, bath her when she is dirty, take her for walks when she wants me too, play with her when she is bored.....I think SHES disciplined ME :-)
  • we kennel trained our lab; it was very easy,effective and worked quickly :)
  • the death stare always works for me ....followed by a big cuddle!
  • command phrases and words like shit works
  • My cats are probably as disciplined as cats can be. I have trained them early that hands are not playthings, so they do not bite or claw hands. I have trained them not to jump on the counters, also. In the event that they try to claw or bite, a growling 'heeeey' has them scrambling away. If they try to jump on counters, usually a loud 'HEY!' and a sharp clap of my hands will put an end to that. I think the trick with any animal is to train it. That way, there is not much need for 'discipline'. I never hit my cats. It's pointless and it aggravates the cat. ;)
  • For a dog......firmness with lots of attention and love. 'Listen' to your dog and respond appropriately!
  • I say No ! No! Don't do that !! Oh they are just so scared of me.. NOT !!! They have me wrapped aroung their little pinky and they know it. ;-) They are all spoiled rotten .
  • I have three dogs who don't need to be disciplined, they are very well behaved. Then I have the young one. She's not two years old yet and still very full of piss and vinegar! I shake my finger in her face. Well, actually, I only have to SAY I'm going to shake my finger in her face and she hides. Or I pick up something she chewed (doesn't happen often anymore) and she hides.
  • Well as you can see from my avatar <--------- my two dogs are quite playful & at times the little guy Seamus tends to live upto his puppy traits, but i just look at them & tell them to stop, but there brown eyes just make you wana cuddle them !!! i'm such a sucker eh? =)
  • I holler NO!, clap my hands, make a loid noise, used squirt guns and squirt bottles. That will stop them for a brief time...but not forever. Our 5 cats have us wrapped around their fingers (or toes or paws or....well, you get the idea). They just have to give that "boo boo face" look (especially the youngest one, Buddy), and we just melt.
  • A good strong but not too loud TSSSSHT! is what works for us. It means, get down from the table, let go of the other cat, off the counter, leave the bug alone, don't dig in the plant, stop chewing the pillow, off of the piano, don't claw up the drapes, stop shredding my newspaper, leave the towel alone, don't eat the ficus. And it gets the same response everytime..."Who me? ha ha ha ha!!!!"

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