• Pretty rare. this is because they have the least amount of melanin causing gray eyes. I have gray eyes, and I hear they are the rarest of all the eye colors, although they are usually taken to be a variant of blue.
  • My eyes are essentially gray with a hint of blue and a yellow splash around the pupil. Most people consider them to be blue when in fact, they are gray. Half my family has gray eyes. They are rare in the general population.
  • gives some "history" but may not answer your question fully. I tried several different phrases for a search and returned only more questions along the same lines as your, unanswered mostly with a lot of guess work as answers. Most likely there is no "real answer" to the question because we have yet too figure out HOW to ask the question. To understand basically the problem of classification of eye color we need to understand that there are three "true colors" from where all eye colorings are blended from: In essence the iris is not on solid color. I have Hazel eyes - blue to gray/green depending on the lighting and my "mood". Closer examination reveals that my irises are a blend of many shades of color ranging from brown to nearly white-blue where I suspect that pigmentation on each cell ranges in variation from each "neighborhood" or collection of cells making up a "splotch" of color at each point in the iris. From a distance the amount of splotches create the illusion of "one" color.(o back to the top link to for a better explanation).
  • They are a variant of blue eyes but I'm fine with people just calling them grey eyes without getting into all the science of it. It's quite common around here, nearly as common as blue eyes. I thought green eyes were rarest.
  • My eyes are actually not bluish but a sea-foam green/gray color and the opthamologist said they were gray.
  • My husband has grey eyes as well...I read somewhere once that only about 2% of the population has 'true' gray eyes.
  • Very black and white photos.
  • Im ont sure. Mine are kind of gray-ish hazel. Depends on what i amwearing. They can even go to a shade of blue!
  • green is the rarest color of eyes. Where gray is also a rare color if you do your research green is the most rare.
  • hmm I dont know do you see alot of grey eyed people?
  • Gray is actually very common. All 3 of my daughters have true gray eyes. They have no hint of any other colors in them, just true flat gray eyes, very beautiful. If you look on Wikipedia it will list the most common and rarest eye colors. On the rare list: TRUE green, violet(as in those of albinos), red, and black. Gray is about as common as brown eyes.
  • How rare is grey eyes I have never seen them before my grand-daughter they are grey with a touch of hazel that is how I see them
  • my bestfriend has beautiful grey eyes, are they rare ? i dont know...

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