• I think so. If a man doesn't trust you, chances are he doesn't trust himself.
  • Yes, you should dump him for good. This is a red flag. A big one. This type of behavior can be the start of an abusive relationship. Dump him!!!
  • Well, you can spend the rest of your life assuring this person that everything is okay and you are trustworthy...tied to them constantly trying to prove something they don't or more likely won't believe because - gee - it's got your attentin focused directly on them hasn't it... Or Your can spend your time being you, having fun and perhaps being with someone who will let you off the leash, untie the apron strings and trust you in return for your trust in them.... Your choice
  • Well, a lot of men are just afraid to loose their wife, they think you will see another man who is better looking and fall for them. But what some men don't understand is that you married him, and he married you, if you didn't truely love him, you would not have married him. But if it is beyond reason, and he has absolutely 0% trust in you, I'am sorry to say, yes you should dump him, trust is the #2 thing in a relationship, #1 is love. If you truely love someone, you can trust them.
  • Well isnt a relationship suppose to be based on trust? I for one wouldnt be up to 1001 questions each time I went out without him and I really aint into reasuuring someone every minute of the day. Trust me or bugger what i say.
  • i have dumped ex bf's for being to insecure and controling - hey you either trust somebody or you dont
  • I would think so. A reasonable level of trust is necessary for any relationship. If you haven't got that now, what are things going to be like in a few years?
  • i would think that would get old after awhile so i'd move on to someone who wasn't so uptight
  • I don't know the answer. I'm trying to figure out how I could be so in love with this man, yet I catch him going on my computer and looking at my history. He doesn't seem to think it is wrong. He says he is just making sure I am not doing anything wrong with somebody else. What do I do? I love him. We are so compatible, we have a wonderful time together. But, he questions me about men, about men I speak to at school, about who I email and who emails me. The crazy thing is, I am so loyal to him. I would never, ever hurt him or betray him. what do I do?
  • If you have given him a reason for this, then no, you shouldn't dump him. He should dump you. If it's the other way around, as you say, you should do exactly what you're saying; get on with your life without him. Just on the sidenote, there is no other way to dump someone, than to do it for good. Dumping someone just so that you can take them back later isn't exactly dumping them ;)

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