• That's an interesting idea. But why are we so concerned with DRs? I have a troll who follows me around. I've learned to ignore it.
  • I like that idea. I wonder if there's a way to stop them posting troll like questions too?
  • Since I was trolled as such by someone on level 45 because they did not like an answer to a question I gave, I see little point in this.
  • This sounds really good.
  • What if AB made it so that who ever gives the positive or negatives name was beside the points so we could see , wouldn't it slow things down for the trolls a bit?
  • That sounds like a plan! I am like Ginger tho and had someone dr'ing me 4 points for awhile so they had to have some levels...
  • Sounds like a sensible idea. As well as not allowing people to use "anonymous" for their screen name. Not allowing duplicate names. Using IP addresses to block multiple accounts (as I'm sure a lot of them have multiple email accounts) and from starting new ones after they've been removed.
  • I think that's a good idea man. You should suggest it!
  • Not bad.
  • I don't know. Trolls are trolls for a reason. They'll just wait until they're fake account is over 10...then all hell will break loose!
  • I'm all for it. I say make sure you understand the concept of AB before you can fully enjoy all of the privileges of the site. It might not help with trolls, as they might just wait it out, but it'll help with idiots.
  • It's interesting, but I have no idea what all this discussion is about. D/R people, D/Ring, Level 10, penalty box...?????? If ignorance is bliss, then I must be very happy.
  • Great plan. I have been a member for 5 months and am only level seven. I have never downrated even if I disagree but have been downrated before. By a troll I don't know. I just hope there are no trolls out there that dedicated to downrating. If I was that evil I know I would have that much time on my hands.
  • I'm gonna say no .. everyone is entitled to their opinion . even if that opinion is wrong. It's only a minus 1 for the first few levels so there is no need to take that away from them
  • I can see how that is a prob. Unfortunatly... we shall always have those haters that just don't have anything better to do... and doing d/r's seems to be a way for some immature peeps to entertain themselves. Ive been d/r'd a few times... but thankfully the good folks that use this site the way it's supposed to have always stepped in to fix the prob and Ive done the same anytime Ive seen this behavior happening.

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