• That's because so many "frugal" people are misnamed "frugal" and cheap is a very accurate term. Frugality is not not spending money. A Frugal person will spend more money on an item or material that will last longer than just finding the lowest price "cheap" one to do the trick. My Landlord considers himself "frugal" however he just spent 26,000 on a 15 year roof which is already leaking through a cheap "contractor" who has since skipped out of town. Had he gone the extra 14,000 for the 30 year roof through the reputable roofer he would not be shelling out money now for roof repair, drywall repair, electrical repair, mold removal and all of the other wonderful stuff that was caused by the leaking roof to the tune of $50,000.00 (uncovered by his insurance because he bought the "cheap" plan which didn't cover flooding and water damage). A frugal person would consider the worth of the dollar spent, not the amount of dollars spent. Time and time again I catch my Landlord buying cheap things he constantly has to replace, repair, or buy new "cheap" stuff to replace the cheap and ultimately he ends up spending more. Being cheap is NOT frugal. Appliances, he honestly things that buying a refrigerator from 1979 for $150.00 is being frugal. However he does not take into consideration the huge savings that can be had shelling out $900.00+ dollars for a new refrigerator that is nearly twice as energy efficient - meaning it will pay for itself through the electricity it saves. Match that to all of the old appliances he has (washer, dishwasher, dryer, stove, etc) and he is spending way too much on energy bills. The newest appliance he has is an early 1980's stove. He considers himself frugal. I see him as cheap. I am frugal, I do spend the extra dollars in my major purchases for quality stuff, for energy efficiency. I do consider the life time and the warranties and the over all savings in the long run.
  • To generalize, based on my experience, cheap people are just lazy. They figure if they spend less, they wont have to work as much. That's all it is. They dont want to grow up and work. (Or they may be sick-minded. Either way, it isnt a normal healthy person. It isnt even spiritually okay. They're either lazy and living as a child, or they have some weird mental aberration like "anal" people who organize their garbage.

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