• yes my feet and hands, no matter if the weather is hot, it sucks sometimes and i have no idea why it happens.
  • couple reason that can happen is cuz Circulatory disorders or an iron deficiency
  • Oh my word - My feet are ALWAYS cold. I don't feel so odd now thanks for your question :)
  • My back is always cold because my wife puts her cold feet on my back to warm them up!!
  • Yea my feet and hands are always cold, especially my feet they feel like ice
  • It is kind of a mystery. You can't get a good answer, even from doctors, other than it has something to do with circulation. Some people just have better (or less) circulation to certain body parts than others. Anyway, have you heard the term, "cold feet (hands), warm heart?" (smile)
  • This can be caused by many things.. Genarally unhealthy people can get cold hands and feet because their circulation isn't as good as it could be, and the hands and feet are the furthest points of the body... Could be caused by; -Smoking -Too Much caffine -using vibrating instruments (EG Hammerdrills) -Footwear that is too tight -General bad health somebody who doesnt excersize and eats junk food
  • Low red blood cell count? Poor circulation? Low thyroid? My feelings.
  • I once heard somewhere that it's always your feet that get cold first because your body prioritises, sending heat to various parts of your body that need it more, like araound your vital organs. Feet, although helpful for walking etc aren't considered as important as the rest of you!! How true that is I'm not sure, but hey, it's your interesting 'fact' for the day :p
  • My heart... It was only warmed by love, but has been shattered so many times that it's frozen solid... :( Hope this helps... :D Oh, and FYI: the head, chest, feet, pelvis area are most vulnerable to temperature...
  • My hands and feet are always cold, I was told it has to do with something with the circulation.
  • People tell me that would be my heart. Or my eyes.
  • you might have a circulation problem, get it checked, that hasnt happened to me

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