• I went to the zoo last year and it was sad. However they are educational. It wouldn't bother me if they banned them.
  • The issue on zoos is one that has been around for a long time, Should they or shouldn't they be banned? For every issue there is one that contradicts it so it is very hard to single out certain points on why or why not to ban them. Zoos are very educational, they teach us what animals like, behave like and how they act in their habitat but you learn whilst having fun, which is sometimes one of the most effective ways of learning. Tourists coming into England, or people who live in England, might consider visiting the area so that they can go to the zoo and see the animals in real life not just as a picture in a book. Zoos are a fun day out for the whole of the family, as they are not targeted at just one age group like theme parks, which are generally targeted at the younger age group. But with good points also come bad points. The conditions in which animals are held are generally to small for them to get the correct amount of exercise and sometimes this will lead to obsessive, repetitive behaviour such as pacing, rocking, circling, licking/biting the bars on the cage and in some extreme cases they turn to self mutilation! The animals cannot behave in their natural ways because they are deprived of their natural environment and social groups. Zoos continue to tell us that their animals are kept in clean and healthy environment but the truth is that many animals die from illnesses caused by the unsuitable climate, unfamiliar parasites and contact with humans. Other animals die from malnutrition, use of drugs and anaesthetics, stress and fighting brought on by their cramped conditions. Some zoos kill their animals on purpose because they regard them as 'excess animals'. Seeing backgrounds painted on walls and the animals looking frustrated, or seeing seals swimming in a shallow pool when they can dive as deep as 128metres or seeing elephant isolated in their cage with a sign below it saying 'herd animals'! It doesn't really teach us much about the animals' natural behaviour and temperament. I think that the solution to whether zoos should be banned is to still allow them in this country as long as the animals are kept in a cage big enough for them to exercise and make sure that the climate that they live in at the zoo is moderately near what they would have to experience in the wild.
  • There are good zoos, which help restore endangered species, and there are old-fashioned bad zoos with animals kept in tiny cages just for the exploitation. The bad ones need money to renovate, or else to send their animals to better homes and close.

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