• Dolphins
  • dog wolf cat or owl
  • Dolphins Land animals Rat Chimps Pigs Dogs
  • Humans.
  • Elephants: Their brain is more complex than ours with just as many nuerons (compared with dolphins who have very few nuerons), they have a deep emotional life and will bury their dead and stand over a body for days and days, they have been known to even bury dead human bodies, they are highly altruistic, they have the lowest birth-to-adult brain ratio indicating they are the animal with the lowest amount of instictive behavior and the most learning, they allomother, they understand syntax, they live in families, they have proven self awareness, they are complex problem solvers and are complex tool users. They are said to be "the beast which passeth all others in wit and mind." And "The Indian Elephant is Said Sometimes to Weep." Charles Darwin.
  • The ones never to be turned into pets or wind up as your dinner.
  • Got'Z to be...Humans!...what else is smart enough to create and destroy and create something better only to be destroyed by something bigger.

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