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  • You don't, not for certain.
  • Well, if you think she loves you ask her. Most of the time if you love someone the other person can tell just by the way he/she acts.
  • Because I am a garbage man and she puts her can out for me once a week.
  • Women are splendid at concealing their feelings so yes, you never really know for sure. But if it were me...the one way you can tell is when she is happy for you for everything you achieve, is interested in who you are and what you do and why and how much you like it. When she is never envious or jealous.
  • I'm told constantly before I wake
  • Wish the hell I knew. She doesn't say I love you, but at the same time treats me great, writes love on notes and cards and is passionate in bed. Women are someting I just can't figure out, but it's generally fun trying:)
  • Ladies are wonderful species, they never easy themselves to men! a simple indication that a woman is in luv with a man is for her to be positive for every request a man places on her, so if you happen to meet a lady who is interested in everything you do then you can be sure that you are travelling in a right path.
  • Depend on the level of risk she takes because of you, and how often she talks about you.

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