• No, sorry.
  • All I know is if you cut a hole in a tennis ball and hold it up to the keyhole ,and hit that sunbitch, it may open , depending on the make and model, (newer cars, hint,hint)I guess its all air controlled locks, but Im no pro... yo , namsayin?
  • Maybe if your Jesus...
  • NO. Cell phones use digital signals to transmit voice. Under the best situation audio signals are 10 HZ to 20000 HZ. A cell phone only transmits a portion of this. A Car Remote operates in the Megahertz range. The microphone in a cell phone can't "Hear" those frequencys, the transmitter can't sent those frequencys, and the tiny speaker could never reproduce them if it could get there. Not to mention it is not audio signals but electromagnetic signals that are used for the car remote.
  • I don't know if it is true but I have heard the same rumors.
  • Yes this is true in newer model cars. in the 2009 cars, in the US, a computer is required which will give OnStar and other companies like it almost complete control over the vehicles. In times of emergancy, FEMA can control your car. They have the ability to make the car completely inopperable.
  • Of course it's true ~ until you wake up :)
  • Yes...I actually tried it and it did work. We heard the rumor and put it to the test. I swear it worked! I really didn't think it would, but it did. This was on a 2003 Chevy Silverado. Not sure how it would work on other makes but I would assume it would do the same thing.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Thanks, I needed that!
  • yes it,s true. if your cell phone is eqipped with infrared at the same time the cell phone at your house is also equipped with infra red, turn it on. using the spare key at home, it will unlock your car

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