• "On the afternoon of June 10–11, 323 BC, Alexander died in the palace of Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon. He was just one month short of attaining 33 years of age. Various theories have been proposed for the cause of his death which include poisoning by the sons of Antipater or others, sickness that followed a drinking party, or a relapse of the malaria he had contracted in 336 BC. It is known that on May 29, Alexander participated in a banquet organized by his friend Medius of Larissa. After some heavy drinking, immediately before or after a bath, he was forced into bed due to severe illness. The rumors of his illness circulated with the troops causing them to be more and more anxious. On June 9, the generals decided to let the soldiers see their king alive one last time. They were admitted to his presence one at a time. Because the king was too ill to speak, he confined himself to moving his hand. The day after, Alexander was dead." Source and further information:
  • its not actually proven... it could have been malaria like you said, choking to death, too much alcohol, poison, typhus, or poorly healed wounds. But you are right that he COULD HAVE died of malaria but most say poisoning or choking, but its not factually proven... at least not yet. =)
  • My textbook says he died of an illness, possibly malaria.
  • It is not recorded exactly how Alexander died. The history merely states that he died at age 30 "with nothing left to conquer". +5

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