• I live in a quiet essex village, and every St Patricks Day, it is swarmed by Irish Pikies, who cause mayhem, ppl tend to go home, taxi ranks close down, and even the police dont want to intervene :(
  • Well, everyone's heard of Gypsies. But Rrom, Rom, or Romany is not as well-known. As a child, I lived near the edge of a deep forest, and Gypsies used to come through and camp in an open field just at the forest's edge. I thought of them as ultimately romantic and carefree, going where they chose, when they liked, living in the open air. They would sing and dance at night. But until tonight, I'd never heard of Irish Pikeys. Who or what are they? And what are they doing in Essex?
  • in general most stereotypes are atleast partialy true when used to describe a populace. people think because everyone is an individual and many people break the stereotype that they are nothing but bigotry... they are wrong. to hate an individual based on a stereotype is wrong, to accept that there are statistical differences between groups is using the sence you were born with.
  • If you mean the sterotype of Pikeys causing trouble, robbing houses and ripping of the system, then it is true. Of course there will always be a tiny minority of travelers who are honest and don't lie, cheat and steal.
  • no, never heard of it

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