• In deed she was, but more she was one of the translators. All 5'something tall and out of the closet lesbian she is. No wonder Romans 1 in the NIV lacks power to convict......
  • Some KJO proponents complain that the NIV translation committee was loaded with homosexuals. They argue that this sexual sin that pervaded the committee must have skewed the translation in favor of homosexuals. Is this true? It is true that lesbian sympathizer Virginia Mollencott was involved with the NIV development. However, she was not a translator, and had nothing to do with the translation. She served on the literary (stylistic) committee of the NIV for a few months. Once her sexual views were known, she was promptly asked to resign. At no time did her work impact the translation of the NIV. Any reasonable person reading the NIV can see clearly that homosexuality is condemned as a sin.

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