• To be honest, Godparent is just a label. It's not up to them to do anything...maybe it's different for religious types, but I think it's just a name you bestow on someone that really doesn't carry any weight to it anymore.
  • it is something one cannot change.however,if the godparent dies,you are free to have a second godparent. consider this,would you like the godparent to abandon your child if he or she makes silly mistakes?
  • Yes. Being asked to be a Godparent is a huge privilege and requires an enormous amount of responsibility, understanding, compassion, foresight and selflessness. It is my belief that a Godparent is someone who nurtures, encourages and assists a child's progress from infancy to adulthood, and is someone whom a child can depend and rely on during their life-time. In the unfortunate event that one or both parents should pass away, it is the role of the Godparent to step in and assume as much of the responsibility and effort as they can. Naturally, then, choosing a Godparent for your child is something that should be done with a lot of care and caution. If the person or people I had chosen to mentor and encourage my child throughout his or her life were not doing their duty, or were repeatedly engaged in behaviour that was strongly opposed to my own beliefs and those that I was teaching my child, I would absolutely speak to them and inform them that I no longer felt that it was appropriate that they play such a large and important part in my child's life.
  • yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've never known a godparent to do anything substantial in a child's life. I think these days it's just a honorary label more than anything. It's an overall commitment to help raise the child if the parents become unavailable. The dictionary claims a godparent is anyone "who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism". It seems that most people around the world are not involved in baptisms, so I think most godparents are symbolic in nature. Have you ever met someone who had some responsibilities or duties, as a godparent?
  • As as a child who was baptised with Godparents, I never saw them but ONCE in my life. However, as an adult who went through Confirmation, my Sponser, who DERSERVES THE TITLE GODMOTHER...has been there. I had two different sets: One for face value,got me through a baptism as an infant. Case closed. The one I choose as an adult was someone who had taken the time to be involved with my life. Not everyone takes it seriously, but if you find someone who does take an active role in their Godchild...what a blessing it is. I'm lucky, truly. :)

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