• My heart goes out to you. Gratefully, I can report I quit over 10 years ago. It was the best gift I ever gave myself. If you find yourself in need of support, I am but an email away. You'll get better every day you don't smoke.
  • Thanks for sharing this with us. I hope you get a better report than that soon. I'm always try to quit the cigs and I find many people in here who have been very supportive of me.
  • If you are still smoking you can quit!! And I fully expect you to do so:)..and just remember Lisa, the doctors don't know everything. I wasn't supposed to live 3 years ago and now my tests are all fine..(((hugs))) coming at you from the West Coast. BTW I told buxtonite that you were ill last night and wouldn't be contacting him till later:)
  • Sorry to hear of this. I never smoked. My father was a smoker and I hated the smell. He died of lung cancer at age 63. I'll never understand why people start that habit.
  • Lisa hang in there, people will pray or think of you, which ever they feel most comfortable with.I gave up 3 years ago, it can be done.
  • This is certainly an interesting turn of events. I wonder if you were ever going to tell me how serious this was Lisa.
  • I never started. You did not know that smoking was dangerous?
  • WOW, first off I'm sorry to hear this Lisa. This is truly upsetting news. Second, I think that is great advice. Paying a company to end your life is not the American dream. Save the five bucks or so a pack and use it to pay off old debt or something. I wish you luck and strength.
  • Lisa I am so sorry that your doctor gave you the news he did...BUT and a really big but..most don't understand about miracles so that is what I'll be praying for.
  • I'm sorry you've gotten this news. BUT, doctors are not god. They make mistakes and miracles happen.
  • Sorry to hear this terrible news! Do yourself a favour and do whatever the doctors advise you to do, take some experimental therapy if offered. I wish you all the luck in the world and am glad to say I have never smoked but I agree with your statement entirely. SMOKERS QUIT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!
  • I'm a non-smoker, but thank you for sharing this info with us. We all need to be reminded of what smoking does to our bodies. Take care.
  • Lisa, I'm sooo sorry you got this news. I'll be thinking of and praying for you often : ) ((((BIG HUGS)))) As others have said, the doctors aren't always right, My grandfather got a similar report, 3 years ago. They gave him 6 months, he's doing better than ever now.
  • Oh, Lisa! I'm sorry. It is never too late to quit Lisa. Please do it now. The doctors most certainly can be wrong. Many people have lived much longer than they say.
  • Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry to hear that. I really hope that you prove them wrong. I do agree people should quit smoking though, and those that are young and haven't started should never do so.
  • Undoubtedly if you were having breathing issues bad enough to send you to the ER where you received this do need to quit immediately. Having been around the practice of medicine frequently I will also say that the doctors can sometimes overshoot their mark when they are trying to impress upon you how critical it is to your well being to quit. They get to a point where they actually make people feel it is "too late". It is NEVER too late to get benefit from stopping a harmful habit. The body WANTS to live and any little help we give it is taken and used to it's best ability. My father who literally spent close to a year on and off ventilators due to his 4+ pack a day smoking respiratory failure, complete failure , has recovered to an astonishing degree since he no longer smokes. He too, was told a horror story of how it "will be" including a rousing pep-talk from a nurse that included happy thoughts like "soon you won't have the energy to brush your teeth or comb your hair". I understand their goal but they are walking a fine line between inspiring you to quit immediately and making you feel like a condemned person who has "nuthin to lose". You aren't condemned and you have so MUCH to gain by quitting. 1 year and 2 months for me and I feel great and I have never appreciated it more. Good luck and best wishes to you.
  • I wish i could, i will one day, you'd think losing 2 dads, an auntie to cancer would be enough to put me off but it doesn' sorry about your bad news :(
  • Lisa, Thanks for the advice. I'm so sorry to hear this! I mean it, very sorry! I'll be praying for you. How very like you, to have the courage to tell us what's going on.........and to warn others! God bless you!
  • Ive never smoked, and never will, the smell is foul. Apart from anything else, its a waste of money! I notice that less people are smoking than ever before
  • Thank you for being concerned enough to say that. I wish you the best
  • We'll its now been over a half of a year when you posted this question Lisa. I hope all we'll and you took the advice from many of our fellow AB'ers here & kicked that bad habit. I also added you to the prayer list. Please tell us the good news we want to hear. That you kicked the habit & alls better now......Take care my FRIEND.
  • Gee, maybe working in that coal mine for 30 years wasn't such a good idea egh ? Good luck tuby !
  • Lisa . . . have you quit smoking yet? I surely do hope so. I quit 12 years ago and that may still prove to have been too late.
  • God bless you- I hope they're wrong!!!
  • I see this question has been asked 17 month ago, but you still seem to be active on AB. Could you change the prognosis? Anyway, it was a good piece of advice. I stopped smoking myself for years.
  • I think they should show the people just like you on tv to make people give it up. Thanks.

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