• Yes I have encountered this and have lost my erection because of it. I was not expecting it to be that warm and it surprized me. Everybody has different temperatures and I noticed they vary especially during aroused states. Some women are very aroused and the blood flow to that area must be higher. There were many references to this before the term "she's hot" became common. In some ways those did refer to the temperature of her vagina during intercourse. One term years ago was that Latin women and women from southern Mediterranean were hot sexually. This could mean both aggressive, active and the actual temperature of her vagina as compared to other northern European backgrounds. In my experiences some women are really hot and they are usually from certain groups of people from certain area's, but I am generalizing.
  • I've had sex with my wife when she has been sick and I think she must have had a fever cause it was really hot. She said it was wonderful to feel the coolness of my penis, I thought it was too hot.
  • Very interesting - the first thing my guy said to me after our first time together (5 years ago), "wow, you're really warm inside". It was a compliment I think.

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