• Because divorce is so easy.
  • because we have no morals anymore, 14 year olds already having sex, what is there to wait for anymore? We have lost ourselves to persnoal gratification. I know personnel who marry just to get a house in the military or who marry for tax relief.
  • Maybe we make getting a divorce too easy.
  • I think society is becoming more amoral as respect for authority and institutions has been diminished greatly. Marriage has become fair game for the guffaw artists who earn their livelihoods on getting cheap laughs. Too many people are treating marriage as if it is a big joke and the divorce statistics reflect all this lack of respect.
  • Because now it's "All About Me. "
  • Social norms are ever changing. The stigma of divorce is almost but erased, and is being accepted more as a right of passage. There's also an increase in the amount of attorney's available, plus all the internet and books on self-help divorces. We're a society of convenience, not commitment. It's a terrible thing these days to see so many broken homes. What I hate the most however, is meeting new people who buy into the "me, me, me, now!" ideology. My husband and I have been married for 10 wonderful years and we have 4 daughters together. People ALWAYS ask us which child belongs to what parent. When I get flip with them about the children being ours together with no other parents, the person says "oh, well now adays you just assume that the children have different mothers or fathers". It's just an aweful assumption and something really needs to be done about morals today.
  • From sociology point of view, man was the only earner of the family some centuries ago. The sanctity of marriage was very high at that time. There is more than one earner in modern families. This is bound to create economic strife which degrades sanctity of marriage. There are other aspects of forgotten history told by by many tribes, which the people of modern age are not aware of. Ancient Europeans wrote about Ages of Man. There are also many other references to various types of world ages or Ages of Man in Hopi (worlds), Mayan (suns) and other cultures of antiquity. Giorgio de Santillana, the former professsor of the history of science, mentions approximately thirty ancient cultures that believed in the concept of a series of ages and the rise and fall of history, with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. More details of these Ages are available in the Yuga concept of the Hindus. The present age is known as Kali Yuga (age of darkness). "The guest cannot trust his host, and affection among brothers became rare. The husband started longing for the death of his wife, and she for the death of her husband." Wedded to avarice and wrath and ignorance and lust, men will entertain animosities towards one another, desiring to take one another’s lives. And towards the end of the Yuga men will cease to trust one another. And, O monarch, both men and women will become perfectly free in their behaviour and will not tolerate one another’s acts. And girls of five or six years of age will bring forth children and boys of seven or eight years of age will become fathers. And O tiger among kings, when the end of the Yuga will come, the wife will never be content with her husband, nor the husband with his wife. And, at such a time, the women will also entertain an aversion towards their husbands. And the world will be so afflicted, that rectitude of conduct will cease to be exhibited anywhere. And disciples will set at naught the instructions of preceptors, and seek even to injure them. And preceptors impoverished will be disregarded by men. And friends and relatives and kinsmen will perform friendly offices for the sake of the wealth only that is possessed by a person. And the women will always be sharp in speech and pitiless and fond of weeping. And they will never abide by the commands of their husbands. And when the end of the Yuga comes, sons will slay fathers and mothers. And women, living uncontrolled, will slay their husbands and sons. And when those terrible times will be over, the creation will begin anew, and men will again be created and distributed into the four orders beginning with Brahmanas. And about that time, in order that men may increase, Providence, according to its pleasure, will once more become propitious. And all around, there will be prosperity and abundance and health and peace. There is hope for us in the near future. One Indian visioner wrote: "From 2010, winds of spiritualism will blow across the entire world, awakening more and more people in its wake. Where limits of (modern) science end, spiritualism begins. .... Along with scientific progress, intellectuals will start recognizing the importance of spiritualism. .... From 2050, a new era will begin...." [Swami Dattavadhut, Prophecies 1998 to 2100, Vanita Books, Mumbai, 1997, pp. 33-42.] "
  • And you have the right to say this because...? I agree with a lot of what's been said here; however, you don't know the full circumstances why people get divorced - there are a thousand reasons and some of them are fickle, granted, but some are valid and we should be grateful that a beaten wife is not made to stay with the brute of her husband because society says it's MORALLY correct. I was brought up by parents who were married for a very long time, in a secure home - and I've been married three times. The first time I was too romantic; the second time, I was very happy I could get out of it as I was beaten into hospital as a birthday gift; the third... well, let's just say, watch this space. I just don't think I'm proper marriage material. Don't judge me ... you have no right whatever! I thank you! :)
  • Maybe because, for me at least, the idealized concept of marriage and the reality of it are far apart. One can be unmarried and in a faithful, loving relationship that is more what we all think of as the idea..many married people cheat on each other..they lie to each other..they put themselves first. So marriage alone doesn't really mean anything..what is meaningful is this...the respect, fidelity, loving kindness and dependability..a piece of paper does not a "marriage" make..the two people involved and how they treat each other is all that counts. If you want to have children, then the "respectability" of a marriage license is preferable..however, if you still cheat/lie/betray your spouse, then what good was the license?
  • I have been very happily married for 15 years now, and I feel very lucky to know we will be together for the rest of our lives. I believe much of the woes of marriage are due to selfishness and unwillingness to adjust and compromise. My opinion is if you can put the needs of others ahead of yourself, you are a good candidate for a long and happy marriage.
  • That is a very good question Cap'm. Marriage is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. And at the same time, it shouldn't be feared either. It's a beautiful thing that can make two people very happy.
  • Because of the pussyfication of America which was brought on by the Feminist Movement that happened while men were getting in touch with their feminine side because of the sins of their fathers who forgot to appreciate and value their smart, funny, adoring wives who had married for love rather than marry for practical business reasons. I guess. Prosperity, while great, led us to depend on material things to make us feel good rather than feeling good because we had a mutual committment to our family. I think our society just wasn't prepared for how affluent we suddenly became. When you don't have much it only takes a little bitty bit to make you feel real happy, but when you have a lot, well....
  • People are no longer dependent on one another for finances and domestic responsibilities so when the going gets tough the spoiled get out. We are all about our own happiness and self-worth and don't have the where-with-all to stick it out when trouble comes. I think we have it too easy. We have everything money can buy but we don't have the toughness that struggle and hardship provides. We are, in a very real sense, soft and lazy.
  • it is an outdated institution - religion plays a big part in it - it seems we dont need it any more - women can have babies without being married, gay couples can adopt, the government screws you if you are married and it is so damn easy to get married and then get divorced on the same day
  • It's too easy to get out of. Couples should require marriage therapy and classes before being allowed to buy a marriage license. There should be some way to ensure people are getting married for the correct reasons and have a long-term plan.

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