• Hey I live in Seattle too, Penny : ) Well...I'm guessing it's pretty casual...I'm sure you don't have to get dressed up or anything.
  • Probably nice comfy clothes would be best; you may be sitting for a long time. A nice top and comfortable causal slacks would likely be a good bet.
  • The last time I was called for jury duty the dress code was: No open toed shoes No shorts No bare mid-drift No sheer clothing No writing, other than clothing brand names on clothing The shoe one surprised me.
  • Anyone going to court for any reason should be dressed appropriately. Usually Sunday clothes. "Laid back" does not pertain to a court of law.
  • Underpants on your head and breadsticks up your nose. You won't have to stay for long that way
  • Seattle... awww loves it there.... casual attire and fresh faces. I would do somthing casual and appropriate. Hug a tree for me... and pat a banana slug too!
  • Unless you ae more comfortable in more formal attire, business casual is the low bar. Consider that you are going to work, and dress accordingly. Have everything about your person be clean and in good order, or "serviceable" - you don't want your belt to break and have your trousers falling around your ankles in the middle of the day. No overwhelming perfumes or colognes. Have hair and nails trimmed /arranged so as to not prompt you to adjust them or fidget with them. Comfortable shoes and clean socks/stockings work to your benefit. If a woman, wear a bra - the courtroom is no place for a peep show. Avoid exotic dress.
  • what about pajamas? what I plan to say monday: "I'm tired. I haven't been taking my zoloft. and if this guy didn't go and break the law, I wouldn't have had to get up an hour early." I think I'll wear my pajamas with my flamingo slippers that I got from the woodland park zoo.
  • If it doesn't say on your summons, call the court and ask. The worst thing would be to get charged with contempt of court by the judge.
  • Think if you were on trial. What kind of dress would you want to see? Probably something that showed the people sitting in judgement were taking it seriously.

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