• Never give up your accent. It is who you are. People who are ignorant have a go at your accent because they don't like different/change.
  • Fair is not a real thing. Having to change your accent to avoid one problem, just to encounter a different problem is a fact of life. You make choices, and some people like it others don't. If I was you, I wouldn't associate with those that criticize me. Find new friends.
  • That's the great thing about America.(and some other places) You can be who or whatever you want to be. Don't worry so much about what people think.
  • Most people I know love foreign accents. It makes one special and unique. I'm sorry you felt the need to give it up.
  • no it's not fair. but it wouldn't have been fair for you to have been id'd as the girl w the accent. but at least you would have felt true to yourself at the same time. if you don't have the accent you don't and if you do then you can keep it, no shame one way or the other hopefully the criticism fades and you don't have to deal with it much
  • Maybe you received the criticism because you gave up something very unique that set you apart in a GOOD WAY and simply mistook the labeling indentifier as something negative. I think a lot of people find foreign accents rather charming. Of course, I have no idea about your particular circumstances, which may invalidate my response.
  • The girl with the accent is apart of who you are and you should be proud of that. Wherever I have travelled my Australian accent has stood out and I have made lots of good friends because of that. I think it is sad that you were criticised for your accent it has only ever brought me friendship.
  • it's your choice, ultimately. You have to survive in a culture that is not at ease with other accents. We Aussies had that problem in the 70s when we went to the US. They couldn't understand us, and those of us who were in acting or music weren't taken seriously. Now, there is more acceptance of an Aussie accent in the US. However, I know I would lose mine in an instant, because I have a chameleon accent that adapts itself to those around it. Sigh.
  • I lost my accent without even trying. Now, to my Canadian friends and family, I sound American (because I lived in California for years), but in California, I don't sound Californian enough, so people still try to guess where I'm from. In otherwords, I don't sound like I'm from anywhere anymore. With so many people moving around, and so many people learning English as a second language, my guess is that "the locals" will become like a clan, separated, by their own choice, from everybody that is one big family of transplanted people. I receive much criticism at home for my accent... My guess is it will harm me in looking for a job, since I sound like 'an americun'. I think it's an unfair world. What's even unfairer, is that the people that seem to criticize me most, are the Canadians that have migrated to 'my' part of Canada from somewhere else.
  • No, it's not fair. People just want something to judge others on. As my redneck part of the family would say: They'd complain if they were hung with a new rope. In essence, just be yourself and f*ck everyone else.
  • Given the option, I don't think I would try to drop an accent. That said, it is your voice, and you can use it as you see fit. Zimbabwean, or American accent, it doesn't matter. Keep in mind, though, yo may regret it in a few years, and not be able to switch back.
  • in my opinion that is bullshit. dont change anything about your self that you are happy with. i have spent the last 32 years changing little things about my self to try to fit in . and it has gotten me no where. the way you speak is a large part of who you are , so why should you have to change it just to please others???? myy advice is screw em if they cant or wont like you for who you are then they are not worth your time or engery . try to find people that like you for who you are.
  • If I was to move to a different country then I would probably try to adopt their accent purely as a way of making it easier for them to understand me. Then again, I might not bother. Don't get hung up about it. Sometimes a foreign accent is sexy. That's just the way things are. Whatever you decide, do it, and then get on with the rest of your life. As long as people have no trouble understanding you, you may as well keep your accent. If they have trouble understanding you, then adopt the local accent and life will be easier for everyone. But it's only a small thing. Make a decision, be happy, and then get on with the rest of your life. Best wishes. :)
  • It is not fair.
  • There is no reason to change for other people. You need to be yourself. I actually think that kind of accent is hot. Go get it...and use it.
  • I disagree with everyone else here and I think they should stop preaching to you about "keeping your identity". As if it's up to them to decide what determines your identity! <eyes rollling> You are the one who lives it and decides how you want to represent yourself. It's not for anybody to judge if you choose to change your accent if that is what makes daily life here easier for you. Personally, I think that your accent is probably very well received in the states. Americans tend to like accents. It will get you noticed. But maybe you don't want to be noticed for that. It's up to you and whoever is criticizing you in real life and on this board needs to shut their trap. Do what makes you feel comfortable and tell the jerks to screw off.
  • I don't think it's fair but I do wanna say that I think women with accents are HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!! I love a woman with an accent!!!
  • JQuack, you are a breath of fresh air!!! thank you
  • If it makes you feel better, do it.

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