• Probably. I do remember doing some really stupid things as a young person that I would never dream of doing now! And I am embarressed by some of the things I did do! We lived and learned. These young people will too.
  • I'm sure every generation before us has had the same feeling. I can look back, even 5 years ago, and say "Wow, I really didn't understand SH**!"
  • Negative to that. I wonder some times whats up with kids today?
  • No. I've always been brilliant. HA- that's the biggest load of bull I've ever tried to dish out. At age 16 or 17 I was a consumate jackass. Thought I knew everything, knew NOTHING. But when I read some of the questions posed here by kids, I die a little inside. They are so COMPLETELY clueless (andwith atrocious spelling. UGH. Who is teaching these kids?) I never cease to be alarmed by the complete lack of understanding in kids about the wider world and the consequences of STUPID actions.
  • NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Just because I got my first girlfriend pregnant when we were teenagers doean't mean I was naive. Stupid, maybe. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Well, OK. Maybe I was. But just a LITTLE naive. And by little, I mean in the same sense that the Grand Canyon is a little hole in the ground.
  • A lot of those questions are questions are false, and are just asked to get points or to stir the pot.
  • I still wonder about myself
  • Yes, I was so stupid when I was young. I thought life was going to be just how I wanted it to be, with very little effort on my part. Nothing bad would ever happen, it would be all sunshine and roses. Plus, I was never going to get old, lol.
  • No, we were not so naive, we just made more elaborate mistakes.
  • Probably. :-) Like many of us, I cringe when I think of my attitude during some of my teenage years. And I certainly didn't know my a$$ from my armpit when I went off to college. This is a problem that can usually be addressed with "tincture of time."
  • I hope not - I know what you mean.
  • My father made sure I wasn't very naive. So many of the questions from teenagers seem to have been common knowledge when I was a teenager. I still feel that I was naive, I learned much over the years.

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