• I like to play sudoku if I need to be quiet but most of the time while driving I read out loud to my husband from a good novel or magazine.
  • Crossword puzzles.
  • We play sing song with my 5 year old - we play the song on the cd player and then the passenger turns the volume down and the person has to finish the line of the song
  • watching the road all those idiots out there using cell phones anybody driving me has a third eye yeah I am a passenger seat driver and because of it a little boy about 11 did not get hit maybe killed and another time my brother in law simply did not see the car to his right coming directly over to us as my husband did not see a truck coming across three lanes fast only to turn in front of us speeding so there is my favorite game but if it's for kids anything that is quiet will do lol best wishes
  • The car/colour game. Rules:you have to pick a type of car and a colour. Example: Hummer,silver. If you see a silver hummer you get a point and at the end of a journy whoever gets the most point wins and the loser buys the winner a drink of what ever the winner wants!!!
  • i do magazine surveys and puzzles, or i take pictures through the window and make everyone guess where i have been lol

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